How It Works

Making cool, fresh and raw money is quite a problem in Nigeria due to the baf state of economy. Most Nigerians strive hard to get a living.
Here is an earning platform which offers a way of making cool naira comfortably. This platform is not promising people millions but with their smartphone, they can put themselves among the topmen in the society. How? Continue reading.

Papngblog which is an acronym for Poverty Alleviation Platform for Nigerians through Blogging offers a membership account platform, PEP(Papng Earning Participant) for citizens in Nigeria. This membership consist of the PREP(Papng Read and Earn Participant) and PAM(Papng Affiliate Marketer).
PREP is a section of the membership for earning through reading, commenting, posting on social networks, sharing of posts etc, while PAM is solely a section for Affiliate Marketing.

                   HOW TO REGISTER FOR PEP
Registering for PEP is as easy as anything one could think of. With just a one time registration fee of ₦1100, one can register online or buy coupon code from our vendors. Lists of the available vendors can be seen on the Coupon page.
Registering Online:
1. When registering online, one is to provide a username, one’s full name, one’s email address and a password.
2. An email verification is sent to the email address provided, containing the nexr step to take for registration.
3. Upon confirmation, one will be redirected to a payment section where a sum of #1,100 will be paid.
4. Completing the steps above, one can proceed with the earning activities.

Buying Coupon Codes:
Buying codes from our vendors has been provided to take away the fear of most people paying online.
1. View our vendors list by clicking on the coupon link.
2. Scroll through the vendors and select anyone you wish to pay to.
3. Contact him or her on Whatsapp or speak with the vendor by calling the number provided.
4. Chat with the him or her for a while, he or she will provide the necessary details required for registering you as a member.

                  EARNING ON PAPNG AS A PEP
To earn on papng, one must have purchase the PEP membership. The following are ways to earn big on papng.
1. Reading of news: This gives ₦3 to members who reads news on our website daily. Note*A single post read awards #3 and lots of posts can be read in a day.
2. Commenting: Commenting awards a sum of ₦3 per comment posted on a particular news. Note*irrelevant comments will be deleted and this will lead to deducting ₦3.
3. Facebook Contest: Being the most active member on our facebook group is also of benefits to members. The member with the highest number of posts will be award valuable gifts.
4. Taking Quizzes: The quiz section which takes place every weekend days are set to broaden knowledge and points which are later turn into monry are awarded based on the total number of questions answered correctly.
5. Sharing Sponsored Posts: sharing of daily sponsored posts by members to their social media awards a sum of ₦100 per post shared.
6. Submitting Posts: Members who submit post are awarded when their submitted posts are approved. Submitted posts awards ₦100 per approved post.
7. Referring: The optional referring gives members the ability to earn 60% of their referred registered balance. A person who refers a PEP member get #600 credited into his PEP earnings account.

Requesting withdrawal is weekly for PREP earnings. Earnings generated for reading news, commenting on news etc can be requested every week while Requesting withdrawal for PAM is instantly. Amounts gained from referring a new member can be requested instantly.

NOTE* All payments are made within 24 hours except in case of much traffic which may take up to 24 working hours.

Invest with us and earn 20% as per discussed in the “Invest” page.